『The Yonsei Annals』 2004.09.본인인터뷰

Campus Reporting

A New Syndrome In and Out of Cyberspace - Interview

Chung Sung-ill
Film critic

Q: What are the reasons and meanings of cinematizing online novels?

A: The answer is simple. Many online novels are picturized because they are profitable. Seeing the meaning under the situation, adults want to know about the thoughts of the teens. Therefore, producers use online novels as a means of learning the teenagers' thoughts. That is, movies having online novel as an original are the specialized works for the teens.

Q: What do you think about the movies made from online novels?

A: In this summer, I saw two movies made from online novels, "Temptation of Wolves (2004)" and "The Guy Was Dandy". Frankly speaking, I was disappointed on movies. I expected that I could see the cultural communication between teenagers and adults. However, adults could not understand and give the young advices. The movies were merely used as a way to gain financial profit rather than cultural interchange.

Q: Do you think the movies made from online novels can develop into a form of culture?

A: I do not think like that at all, and so do most people in the movie field. I think the movement is only a passing trend. Like gangster movies, the popularity will decrease within a year. Although the movies are exported to many countries, it still not a part of the movie culture and would be hard to be so in the future as well. What I only expect is that the adults and the teens can have a better understanding of each other through these movies.